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Unfulfilled desire for children?


This is not only a problem of yours: About one in seven couples is waiting for an offspring in vain. The longer it takes the more the everday life is determined by the desire for a child. If becoming intimate is planned in the date book according to the "fertile period" it's time to shift in thinking.

There can be manifold reasons why a pregnancy doesn't appear. There are long lists of precise descriptions: starting with adnexitis (inflammation of the Fallopian tubes), and hormone disorders to procreative incapacity of man. For a successful therapy of course it is very important to know the cause for childlessness.

But: The nidation of the inseminated egg cell will only happen if the manifold sequences in the body act together in harmony.
  The naturopathic therapy in my practice will not be restricted to only diagnose the causes of the unfulfilled desire for children as it is common in orthodox school of medicine, but also comprises the mental condition of the couple apart from the cycles of regulation of the body.  
  That means:  
  · The physical cause will be treated,  
  · the body will be stabilized inclusive of all its cycles of regulation and  
  · the state of mind will be harmonized.  
  To achieve this objective I am using established and proven techniques such as acupuncture, homoeopathy, hypnosis and phytotherapy. I am only using remedies that exclusively contain natural substances and that are free from side effects.  
  For questions I will be gladly at your disposal.  

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