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  Burnout, Burn-Out  
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Physical exhaustion
· Sleep disturbance
· Headache
· Cronic tiredness
· Heartburn
· Stomach pain
· Tinnitus
· Perspiration
· Muscular tensions
· Dyspepsia
· Tachycardia
· Heart rhythm disturbance
Mental exhaustion
· Negative attitude towards friends, colleagues, family, work and other people
· Avoidance of contacts
· Indifference
Emotional exhaustion
· Melancholy
· Depression
· Excitability
· Nervousness
· Uncontrollable weeping
· Help- and hopelessness
· Sense of excessive demands




The symptoms of burnout are very manifold. In summary it concerns a condition of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. As a rule you can assume a burnout, if manifold symptoms out of the three mentioned fields are found over a prolonged period.

At the same time these three fields are linked up inseparably. Emotional states of exhaustion for example sooner or later result in physical and mental exhaustion.

There is a hugh number of therapeutic approaches in the treatment of burnout, for the most part from psychological fields. It appears as the greatest problem for those concerned that these approaches are lon-ranged. A successful psychotherapy may quite cover several years. Also a change of the burdening circumstances of ones life, or even a change of the personal attitudes to critical issues will take much time.

Until medium- or long-range therapies have an effect, the energy balance of the person affected will be constantly getting worse. With it the limits of capacity to act to solve the problems are often overstepped. A remaining in the burdening situation is the consequence, whereas physical, mental and emotional exhaustion will increase further.

The therapy in my practice exactly starts here: the capacity to act will be recovered i.e. maintained in a period of time as short as possible. The treatment will focus on reducing the physical exhaustion. But also the mental and emotional exhaustion involved can be minimized significantly.
The gain in energy is so big, that there will be sufficient energy available for a long-range treatment of the burnout, and get out of the vicious circle of increasing states of exhaustion.


The therapy of the burnout-syndrom I am applying therefore is taking into consideration the acute discomforts, as well as the mental and physical over-all constitution:

  · The common acute discomforts are treated,  
  · the physical constitution with all its cycles of regulation is stabilized and  
  · the state of mind will be harmonized.  
  The applied techniques in my practice are established and acknowledged in naturopathy. Belonging to it, among other things: homoeopathy, acupuncture, acid-base-balance, control of symbiosis, hypnosis and the power of phytotherapy. I am only using remedies that exclusively contain natural substances and that are  from harmful side effects.  
  For questions I will be gladly at your disposal.  

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